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“Street Digital” network now offering 54 city screens!

With the onset of autumn darkness, we have switched on another 14 new digital city screens "Street Digital", so that we can now offer you a network of 54 screens in 27 significant traffic locations in Riga!

The new addresses cover significant flows of car traffic, pedestrians and cyclists on the routes to the city center, the city center and in the direction from it – on the 11. Novembra embankment, in the dividing lane at the Ballast dam near the Vanšu bridge ramp, Ulmaņa gatve, Hanzas street, Z.A. Meierovica boulevard, A. Deglava street, Brīvības gatve and other places.

You can view the current “Street Digital” network location map here – the number of active screens continues to grow!

Screens based on LCD technology offer noticeable image quality, color and resolution, while light sensors ensure a responsible attitude towards the consumption of natural resources and a respectful attitude towards drivers in the dark hours of the day. In the “Street Digital” city screen network, we use 100% renewable electricity produced in Latvia!

The November-December special sales offer is currently valid –  for more information please reach

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