Creating the Future of Media

Outdoor advertising today is a lot more than posters, it is one of the most exciting channels for creative marketing that exists! By helping our customers to reach out with the right message in the right environment, we can empower brands and companies to grow and become successful. Today, when technology is changing the way people behave and consume media, we are the only solid and stable channel for reaching curious target audiences with powerful communication. Being driven by love and passion for communication, we continue to develop new and exciting ways to reach out in our cities. By fulfilling the promises of adverting goals, we make our customers happy and satisfied. And that's why we are needed.

Platform for Good

Clear Channel offers an outstanding communication platform for brands and also a platform for good – showcasing our Corporate Social Responsibility that reflects our thoughts and beliefs. We make them come true by carrying out social campaigns and supporting such trusts and initiatives that, we believe, encourage positive changes in our society and advertising industry. Acting on our beliefs forms our answer to the future – the nearest and that to come. Because we care.

We support:

Annual Festival of Excellence and Creativity – Adwards, being held by Latvian Art Directors Club;

Baltic Sustainability Awards – media partner in Baltics together with Clear Channel Estonia.

Baltic Brand Forum by providing brands exhibition and program menu on DOOH screens;

Latvian Design Awards organized by Latvian Designers Union;

Since 2010 Clear Channel Outdoor is the proud sponsor of Outdoor Lions category in the International Festival of Creativity – Cannes Lions.

We realize:

Supportive campaigns to charities as well as projects contributing culture, music, art and education.


Our values


We believe that entrepreneurial behaviour leads to strong local brands. Within Clear Channel, that means expressing your local culture, identity and ideas responsibly, without the restrictions and red tape of a heavily centralised business. Our group structure liberates local teams to shine at what they do best.


Every clients needs and interests are valued. Advertisers and development partners want out-of-home solutions tailored to their specific needs and the audiences they want to reach, with insightful, engaging creativity. On that score, we’re ahead of the curve. Our challenge is to keep it that way.

Forward thinking

Word spreads fast in our business. The appetite for news about what’s next, and its value to clients, is constant. We don’t just talk about what’s next; we want to be what’s next. By investing heavily in research, insight and audience measurement, developing our digital out-of-home estate and automated buying capabilities, we are giving fresh relevance to the out-of-home medium. Our gaze is firmly fixed on the future.

Fulfilling promises

Fulfilling Promises is a personal commitment for each and every one of us, to build our business by building relationships and partnerships, both internally and externally, and thinking carefully about the promises we make and our ability to deliver.


Being Fast reflects our ambition to be first in innovation and creativity – and that requires us to work quickly. We build collaborative and trusted relationships with our customers, our business partners and stakeholders, enabling us to be agile and make quick decisions. This means we are able to respond to the rapidly changing needs of our customers – and our customers’ customers.


Fairness means we respect and embrace the uniqueness of all our employees.  We work together to create an inclusive environment where everyone can bring their true selves to work.  As a business, we strive to reflect and support the ever-changing face of the audiences we reach every day, bringing brands face to face with people.  Our teams need to be as diverse in their composition and outlook as the audiences we reach every day. We are proud of behaving ethically as a company, as an employer and a business partner.

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