Creating the Future of Media

Today, when technology is changing the way people behave and consume media, we are still this solid and stable channel for reaching curious target audiences with powerful communication. Being driven by love and passion for communication, we continue to develop new and exciting ways to reach out in our cities.
We are transforming our estate to the benefit of all our stakeholders, through our digital innovations and infrastructure that's environmentally and socially conscious.
Our world and the lives we live are changing rapidly and we want to play our part in influencing that change for the betterment of society and the wellbeing of the public. We see a future where our infrastructure is connecting people, actively enhancing the environment, and playing a positive part in everyone’s lives.


Clear Channel’s purpose is twofold: A Platform for Brands & a Platform for Good. We are delivering advertisers’ media objectives whilst positively impacting the world around us.

Everyone at Clear Channel is aware of the responsibility that we have towards society.  We know that we can play a part in making our world a better place to live.

So as a company, we’ve publicly committed to being a Platform for Good. As we continue to innovate, we’re thinking beyond just advertising and asking how each and every display that we maintain and every contract we operate can help to support the public, the environment as well as other organisations working for good.

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