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Launching our largest digital formats and exclusive LED screens in shopping malls “SPICE” and “SPICE HOME”

With 18 new digital screens un 3 exclusive LED screens we have expanded our “Shopping Digital” network, covering one more significant audience location point in Riga - shopping malls “Spice” un “Spice Home”!

Spice un Spice Home produkti Reklāmas izvietošanas piedāvājums t/c Spice un t/c Spice Home

Ever since launching our first network of digital screens, we’ve observed that format does matter when it comes to raising visibility and reaching a specific target audience, so we’ve made it our priority to expand our collection of large digital screens throughout the city.

We have expanded our “Shopping Digital” network with 18 digital screens and 3 large format digital screens, now adding another important gathering spot of shoppers – neighbouring shopping malls “Spice” and “Spice Home.

Please, see the product card for more info on booking these new screens.

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