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Out-of-home advertising is no longer just posters in the streets! It offers a great variety of expert created and up to date out-of-home formats, based on modern technology, to provide best solutions for campaign efficiency and audience reach. Our OOH campaigns are well adjusted to the lifestyle of people, reaching them in the most visited places with the most active flow in the city and shopping malls.


City digital screens, visible from both sides to reach car drivers as well as pedestrians and cyclists. Based on LCD technology they provide quality display in any weather conditions. Adaptable to light and using 100% green energy made in Latvia! Read more


DOOH network offers large digital formats for advertisers in the most appropriate environment and closest to the purchase making point – shopping malls.  The dynamic structure makes the message more appealing to the consumers, offering new and exiting ways to engage with the audience – interested in purchasing and ready to buy! Digital product network “Shopping Digital” is combined of 63 digital screens, located in 6 significant audience locations, popular shopping malls in Riga – “Domina Shopping”, “Riga Plaza”, “Galerija Centrs”, “Sāga”, “Spice” and “Spice Home”. Read more


Premium format LED screens are a digital platform for brand FAME! Offers an outstanding visual performance and high quality messaging. FAME includes 6 of our largest digital formats: LED wall “Freedom” on the main traffic street of the city, 2 LED walls in shopping mall “Rīga Plaza”, 2 LED walls in shopping mall “Spice”, and LED wall on shopping mall “Spice Home” facade. Read more


Pillars represent the classical OOH format in the city. Strategically created advertising sites with a large number of locations allows to reach broad audience in the places with the largest people flow. Triangle form enables pillars to be viewed from 3 different sides, reaching the flow of pedestrians, car drivers, passengers and cyclists. Being large and effective, they attract audience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Read more


Creativity drives attention! Try to do the unexpected and be creative beyond the traditional boundaries! Innovative solutions create more attention for your brand, and special effects combined with classic outdoor advertising strengthen the message. Reach out to our sales team for more information!   Read more

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With “4 Tenets for Europe” Clear Channel Europe marks the UN International Day of Democracy

Clear Channel Europe marks the UN International Day of Democracy on 15 September 2023 with "4 Tenets for Europe", a major new public artwork from Franco-British artist Martin Firrell.

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Launching more and more new “Street Digital” city centre locations!

Find out the lately launched "Street Digital" locations in the city centre!


No age! Just number!

Together with the reputation management and communication agency "Luka", within this project we will address the issue of inequality regarding the age of people, as well as try to break the age stereotypes that exist in society.